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Simon Eroku

Team Lead
Simon believes in the power of self-motivation. With that, he found his passion, creating and pioneering innovations that transform the lives of differently-abled persons. He wants to see a world that is fair to very one – A world free from barriers At SignsTv Simon ensures that everything moves and everyone is in the boat, he takes care of the strategic and technical oversight

Susan Mujjawa Ananda

Co-founder & Production Lead

Susan is an upcoming multimedia journalist in East Africa currently working with Nation Media Group as Sign language Interpreter and has worked in several newsrooms including as a sign language interpreter for several TV Stations including NTV, WBS and Spark TV she was recently a first runner winner National Journalism award for Education Reporting for her story “My silent World” that highlighted to challenges students with Hearing Impairment faced during the pandemic.

Juuko Alex

Reporter & Show Host

Courage is a rare character in most people but you have to find it when its Alex, because he has all that self believe and passion to succeed in every attempt to do stuff that he loves.

Alex loves to challenge himself and so often, learning something new is what he wants and he believes that’s what will help him realize his life goals. For him, to help other is a big success so he always wants to create that eagerness and inspire community transformation.

Doreck Ankunda

Reporter & Show Host
To Doreck, being alive is about self-respect and being there for others. She is passionate about advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities and she is always striving to realize a world that looks and feels like a better place for everyone. Doreck with all her humor and free character is our host for the Kigoma Show, she also takes care of the Kids’ story time show.

Hindu Gloria Luyinda

Reporter & Show Host
Hindu is a social person she is often out there trying to push for the rights of persons with Disabilities especially when it comes to access to sexual and reproductive health services, She wants to be a beacon of hope and dreams of one day being at the help of an NGO pushing for inclusion. Hindu – a social media influencer – handles our social media postings, she also anchors and presents on the Health Matters show together with Alex

Collins Mulindwa

Collins is a focused and determined person, he has an easy go at learning and he finds purpose in what he does because he wants to see a world where everyone can access information. At SignsTV Uganda, Collins does the interpretation, he does the sign language when a Hearing person is on TV and also does the voicing when a Deaf person appears on the screen. And the other nice part of him is being our ustom DJ for the Kigoma Show!

Hope Nyamwiza

Hope wants to make the world a better place for every Deaf girl-child and the most she does is to act as a bridge when its about communicating between a Deaf person and a hearing person who doest know sign language. Her hope is that she will be able to empower Deaf girls and women in the long run. Hope does the interpretation at SignsTV Uganda and offers a valuable input on our content to make sure its universally accessible to all.