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Hexagon Impex Limited is a unique full serviced distribution company and a leading force in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distribution landscape. We offer a distinctive range of products encompassing household products, home appliances, cosmetics, home care etc  and represent several regional & International strong recognizable brands exclusively. Our diverse selection caters to contemporary lifestyle requirements. Through a collection of innovative basic and advanced home appliances & household products, Hexagon aims to enhance and simplify the daily lives of its customers. We are currently the authorized distributors of Godrej, Himalaya, Borosil, Larah, Hit, Pigeon, Milton, Riggs, Confetti, Bio glow, Supa brite, Good night, Trident etc.

With a commitment of delivering excellence in every step of the supply chain, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for both manufacturers and retailers. At Hexagon,with our key principle of AA+ (Availability & Accessibility) strategy, we cater to a multitude of channels ranging from small to large retailers, wholesalers, etc.., within the country.


  • Home care products

    Our wide range of products which includes Insecticides, pests control, bathroom fresheners, air fresheners, car fresheners, fabric softener, disinfectant balls, toilet cleaner, liquid detergent, scouring powder, scouring pads, foam scourer etc….., helps people experience a pest-free, clean, fragrant, and refreshed home.

    “With Stella, experience Uganda’s favorite air freshener”.

    HIT your kitchen with our HIT to HIT all the pests at one go”

  • Cosmetics

    Hexagon offers a line of premium skincare and beauty products, including face care, body care, deodorants, perfumes, oral care, haircare, body wash etc designed to enhance natural beauty.

    RIGGS– “Fragrance on your hands, elegance on the go”

  • Home Appliances

    Hexagon specializes in partnering with strategically prominent brands in the market, thus extending the presence and expertise.

    Home Appliances: 

    Hexagon is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience in integrated kitchen appliances, striving to enhance customer satisfaction. As a prominent supplier of the renowned “Pigeon” brand, our mission involves providing top-tier products and services while prioritizing sustainability and minimizing carbon footprint. Our commitment lies in distributing high-quality, eco-friendly offerings, encapsulating our core objectives.,

    Pigeon– “Simplify tasks and enhance every corner of your home”

  • Household products

    Cooking Essentials:

    Pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, induction cooktops, chimneys and hobs etc.,

    Food processing tools:

    This includes mixer grinders, wet grinders, etc.,

    Kitchen utilities and Home utilities:

    Turbo hand choppers, irons, emergency lamps, etc.,

    Back to School Essentials

    Unlock the convenience of staying ever hydrated with Milton’s wide range of bottles, lunch box & flasks. Simplify your child’s school journey with our versatile collection of leak proof tiffin boxes. Explore various sizes and ranges designed for kids, toddlers and office goers thus ensuring convenience and ease on the go.

    Milton – “Our kids water bottles ensure your child’s safety while keeping them hydrated throughout the day”

  • Culinary cookware & glassware

    Borosil drink ware & serve ware

    A perfect blend of style and functionality. Borosil offers Borosilicate glasses and serving bowls etc. With its excellent thermal resistance, durability, chemical inertness, and optical clarity even at high temperatures, experience dining like never before with Borosil.

    Borosil “When elegant design meets cutting-edge technology, the result is bound to stand-out”.

    Larah Dinnerware Ranges

    Larah offers a wide range of crockery that are worth exploring. Larah’s Dinnerware range offers a vast range of benefits which include:

    • Operational, durability benefits,
    • Long-lasting, extra-strong, toughened opal glass,
    • Fade-proof fancy designs,
    • Break and scratch-resistant,
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe,
    • 100% food grade safe,
    • Lightweight and extremely hygienic, 

    Larah is the one-stop solution for customers seeking reliable, durable, and enduring household supplies. 

    Larah – A level of quality unmatched by any other brand”